Eucy Museum | What To See & Do
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What To See & Do

Visit the Museum

Explore rare historical artefacts from the golden age of the eucalyptus industry plus photographs and multi-media displays.  See if you can tell the difference between different grades of eucalyptus oil in a ‘sniff test’!

See a Distillery Demo

Watch eucalyptus leaves being made into golden oil in a real, working still.  Bookings essential.

Take a Tour of Old Jones’ Distillery

Preserved outside on the site of the Museum, step back in time and see the machinery and methods used in a eucalyptus distillery in the Gold Rush era.  Guided tours available for groups.

Shop for Eucalyptus

A huge range of local eucalyptus products and souveniers await in our gift shop!  Take some home for family & friends.

Eat & Drink

Enjoy delicious tea, coffee, cold drinks and snacks in our cozy café or shady outdoor area.